Renewable Energies

The increasing demand in electricity needs to be fulfilled with advanced technology that reduces cost and time as well as the impact on environment and health.


Our core competency is the design and implementation of efficient and sustainable energy generation to provide solutions that are adaptable to local requirements and scalable to buildings, districts and cities needs.


We develop and assess smart energy solutions from basic design up to analyses and improvements of existing thermodynamic processes and develop optimized solutions for decentralized power generation and energy usage.

General Expertise

Analysis of centralized and decentralized energy systems with respect to

  • Efficiency improvement and
    emission reduction
  • Integration of renewable energy sources
  • Systems integration to make use of 
    waste energy as heat.
  • Concepts for energy systems in residential, public and industrial context.

  • Energy systems and energy flux optimization.

Solar Thermal Cycles

  • Solar power + micro gas turbine
  • Fuel cell and (micro) gas turbine integration
  • Intelligent monitoring and diagnostics of natural gas and biogas fired micro gas turbines (MGT), gas engine and fuel cells.

Low Temperature Waste Heat Usage

  • Ultra-low temperature district heating
  • Energy concept for city center


Electricity Production from Low Temperature Heat

  •  Supercritical CO2 cycle design
  •  Organic Rankine cycle design 

Energy systems and energy efficiency

  • Integration of solar thermal power and micro gas turbines.
  • Integration of high temperature fuel cells and micro gas turbines.
  • Biogas use in micro gasturbines, gas engines and and fuel cells.
  • District heating systems based on low temperature systems considering different end consumer needs.
  • Integrated energy concepts for blocks of buildings city centres making use of locally available renewable energy sources as hydro power and geothermal energy.
  • Energy efficiency analysis and improvement of industrial processes in combination with production rate increase.
  • Low temperature waste heat recovery systems and process integration.