About us

Our customers benefit from clean energy solutions that reduce cost, time and the impact on the environment. Our clean and smart energy solutions consider demand, availability as well as climate and weather conditions.


Our work is based on a holistic and pragmatic approach. We take local conditions as well as economical and ecological aspects into consideration and develop suitable solutions.

Our success builds on:

  • leading experts
  • decentralized, flat structure
  • fast implementation
  • new ways of collaboration

 We create customized solutions based on our know-how in:

  • power generation
  • energy optimization
  • energy management
  • storage
  • load balancing
  • distribution
  • conversion
  • thermal > electrical
  • heat > cooling

Smart Grids provide energy according to availability as well as daily and seasonal demands.


Our customers operate smart grids based on e.g. geothermal, solar thermal, biomass, hydropower, wind power, conventional power plants as well as cross-cutting technologies.