Reference Projects

Increasing the production performance of oil processing facilities


Our customer is an operating oil processing facilities in the Sahara. His aim is to increase the 

  • productivity, 
  • performance and 
  • availability of the facilities.

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The gas re-injection compression system with three engine trains, each engine train consisting of a gas turbine and a two-stage natural gas compressor with intercooler, is the center of this facility. 



  • Generate relevant data & 
    values about the production performance

The system was equipped with a distributed control system including control facilities and protection systems. The system delivered only poor information concerning the production performance.

  • Create a performance diagnosis tool that combines information of each sub-unit
  • Supplier independant
  • Hardware independant


In addition the performance of the driver, gas turbine, and the driven compressors could not be separated as these components are from different suppliers and performance relevant information was not centrally available.


We recommended to monitor the system with our Delphys Performance Tool. After a analyzing the actual state, we installed sensors at selected locations of the facility. In addition the base line performance was determined out of manual measurements and performance calculations.

The Delphys performance tool and the related engineering work consisted of

  • Data transfer via OPC from the distributed control system to the dedicated Delphys server
  • Data base, data handling and averaging 
  • Diagnostics calculation kernel,including Gas Path Analysis module
  • Graphical user interface and data export

Download Success Story.


Financial Benefits

  • Optimized and maximised engine utilisation
  • Reduction of system down-time and consequential production losses
  • Cost reduction in maintenance based on component performance information 
  • Cost reduction of the investment of a fourth engine train

Technical Benefits

  • Centrally in-house available performance data, no data center required. 
  • Integration of different engines in one monitoring system
  • Detailed component performance information
  • Engine diagnostics system with information of component health
  • Detection of faulty sensors and prevention of consequential production losses
  • Information basis for optimized maintenance