Delphys Performance Tool

Delphys Performance ist the right tool, when you want to improves performance of turbines, power plants, oil and gas processing plants or similiar applications.

Delphys Performance visualizes the condition of the machinery and providing performance trends. Based on the measured data, Delphys calculates Health Indices. 

Delphys Performance Health Indices provide reliable information about the system condition. They are the basis for improved operation and performance. They allow you switch from preventive maintenance to conditioned-based maintenance. 

All data, measured and processed, are centrally available for all users, from operator to management and is a reliable basis for their day work and decisions. 

Download Data Sheet.

Technical Benefits

  • Optimized system operation
  • Centrally availabe performance data on component level
  • Remote real-time monitoring 
  • Early detection of faulty sensors
  • Health Indices deliver added value and the basis for optimized operation, performance and maintenance. 

Financial Benefits

  • Cost reduction
  • Increased plant availability
  • Optimized system operation
  • Less production losses
  • Reduced maintenance cost due to condition monitoring
  • Improved fleet management