Delphys Performance Tool

Performance Monitoring

A lot of companies offer performance monitoring.

There is only one reason why you benefit from talking to us.  

We know where to measure and what to measure.

Health Indices

Health indices are calculated from measured data. These smart calculations provide meaningful results for your daily work.  

Health Indices are new data, that provide added values.
There are not just
a data display. 

Delphys Cockpit

Key Performance Indicators summarize large data quantity in a simple traffic light system and provide reliable decision support.

Selected Key Performance Indicators ensure  optimized operation & maintenance. 

Delphys Performance Tool

Delphys Cockpit

Decision Support Sytem

Delphys Gas Path Analysis

Delphys Performance ist the right tool, when you want to improves performance of turbines, power plants, oil and gas processing plants or similiar applications.

Delphys Performance Health Indices provide reliable information about the system condition. They are the basis for improved operation, performance and to switch from preventive to conditioned-based maintenance. 

Download Data Sheet.

Delphys Cockpit is a Decision Support System that provides an easy overview of health indices and selected key performance indicators.


The performance is visualised with a simple traffic light system and support fast decision with reliable data. 

Delphys Gas Path Analysis is our core compentency and suitable for aero engines, stationary gas turbines and other turbomachinery.


Gas Path Analysis uses health indices to describe the actual performance of the analyzed gas turbines and ensure optimized compression and combustion.