For our customers we offer engineering and consulting services in the energy sector and related sectors: 


We support OEMs in turbomachinery design for steam turbines, gas turbines and aero turbines. 

We can leverage an international network of leading experts for different design and engineering projects.

Power Plant Operators

For power plant operators our services include consulting, design and expertise for optimized planning, building, operating and maintaining of all types and sizes of power plants, e. g. fossil fuel-based, hydro power, renewable energies. 

Our expertise ranges from mechanical engineering, process management, system integration to analysis and assessment of the operational behavior. 

Smart Energy Solutions

We design and implement smart energy solutions for cities, municipalities and real estate developers. 

Our aim is the efficient and sustainable energy generation. We provide solutions that are adaptable to local requirements and scalable to buildings, districts and cities needs. 

 We develop and assess smart energy solutions from basic design up to analyses and improvements of existing thermodynamic processes and develop optimized solutions for decentralized power generation and energy usage.

We concentrate on smart energy solutions that are based on the smart integration and interconnection of renewable energy sources.

A detailed reference list is available on requestUnder references you learn more about our projects, reference projects and success stories.